Gossamer CMS

A lightweight PHP Framework.

Gossamer CMS is a PHP framework using a RESTful database API. Add to that the simplicity of configuration with YAML configuration files, built in multi-locale support and event handlers for pre and post processing we've got the turnkey solution you are looking for.Try It Now!Don’t worry it’s for free

Designed For High Traffic Websites.

Tired of cumbersome frameworks that seemingly load the whole universe on each page request?

Check out Gossamer CMS and see how automated queries, configurable multi-locale support, validation, and segmented caching can feel!

Gossamer CMS is a free PHP framework utilizing a RESTful database API as a backend - configure multiple datasources, customizable right down to each method call!

Gossamer CMS is free. It is designed for running on 1 or more LAMP servers.

Check it out here!

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