Gossamer CMS is a free php framework with high traffic websites in mind.


Configurable and Quick

Originally inspired by Struts, Gossamer CMS takes a unique approach to configurable PHP frameworks that use YAML to affect behaviors - no need to change your code!

Multi-Language Support

Let the RESTful database API handle your multi-locale storage and retrieval - no need to lift a finger!

Built In Form Builder

No one wants logic blocks in their HTML - let Gossamer PHP Form Builder handle the decisions for you and create your forms in a simple interface!


Configurable Section Caching

Select which sections of a page to cache - no need to continually poll the server for re-usable data.

Configurable Validation

Let the built in php validation component handle the behaviors for you. Validation is configured through YAML files and the built in php form builder will alert your users to issues to resolve before proceeding